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The “secret” to comfortable, durable complete dentures: Precision fit, performance materials in Napier

Tooth loss is not a “normal” part of aging. Though at Dentiq, we recognise that, as patients age, they may be presented with new challenges to their good oral health. Medications and medical conditions associated with dry mouth can promote the development of the two leading causes of tooth loss: decay and gum disease. Dr Sundar works closely with you and your family members to preserve natural teeth. If natural teeth can’t be “saved,” we offer advanced partial and complete dentures in Napier. These dentures are made with quality materials and are designed so that they are indistinguishable from healthy, natural teeth in form and function. 

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Dentures explained 

Dentures are an oral appliance that replicates both the teeth and the gum tissue that supports them. Dentures may be used to replace several teeth or an entire “arch” (upper and lower teeth). Complete dentures describe those appliances that replace an upper and/or lower arch. 

The dentures designed and placed at Dentiq are made from high-performance, lifelike materials. The acrylic denture base is perfectly colour-matched to the shade of your natural gums. Likewise, the denture teeth are made from either acrylic or dental ceramics to appear indistinguishable from natural teeth – no “false” or fake-looking teeth here! 

Dentures are stabilised in your mouth due to natural suction, with the help of denture adhesives and other products, or with dental implants. The better your denture fits, the greater the retention. Many of the common complaints associated with conventional dentures, such as discomfort and slippage when the wearer eats or speaks, are avoided with precision-fit, high-quality dentures designed and placed at Dentiq. However, even the best-fitting dentures will require occasional adjustments. During routine exams, Dr Sundar will evaluate how your dentures fit and make repairs, or suggest relining, rebasing, or replacing the denture as needed. 

Never look less than your best 

We also offer immediate dentures. So, you can always have a complete smile. After extractions are completed, an interim denture is immediately placed. That way, you always have teeth. You can also get a jump-start on adjusting to eating, speaking, and smiling with your new teeth. Once the tissues have healed, you will return to our office in Napier (Greenmeadows) for your permanent dentures. Since tissues change as your mouth heals, this approach assures that your dentures conform perfectly to natural contours for optimal fit. Please call us on 06 880 6161 to schedule your appointment today.

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