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Experienced Dentist in Napier

Having an experienced dentist in Napier with equally qualified, experienced staff puts Dentiq Dental at the forefront of oral care and hygiene in Hawke’s Bay. Our passion to provide affordable, quality dental care is what drives us to reach out to the wider Napier community. We all deserve an amazing smile!.

Dr. Sundar Jagadeesan
Director / Principal Dentist

It’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you; I graduated my Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Chennai in 2002. Then continuing to do a mixture of general dental practice and teaching clinical dentistry at Manipal University I finished a Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Oral Implantology from Manipal University in 2007. Also in November of the same year I did my NZDREX at School of Dentistry in Otago and since been in General Dental Practice in New Zealand. In November 2018 I graduated from the world renowned Kois Centre in Seattle USA to bring the latest and state of the art dentistry to ‘you’ my valued patient. I am happily married to Anu Sundar since 2007, we have a delightful son, Jonathan and a princess Jenuka, and the family is complete with our beloved golden retriever Maple.

Dr. Sundar Jagadeesan Director, Principal Dentist - Dentiq Dental

An unparalleled level of service with Kois Centre trained Dentists

Dr. Sundar's training at the Kois Center in Seattle

Hi I am John Kois; I am the founder of the Kois Centre which began in 1994. Hi I am Johnny Kois I am the CEO of the Kois center. Kois trained dentist are passionate about what they do they look forward to Monday. They love the work week, they love to work with their patients. it is a different kind of dentistry, it is a dentistry for someone who is passionate about what they do. There is a training level involved that is very different with other dentists. This is not checking a watch, clocking in clocking out this is changing people’s lives on a daily basis and they are just excited as much as you for the outcome you are going to get. Everyone here is passionate about what they are doing or they would not already be here.

What we are trying to do is make them better. We are trying to improve their skills so they are not just a good dentist they are a great dentist. And I think the value of that is the feeling of pride and how they feel about how their patens perceive them, the one thing that I hear from dentists that have come here over the years is this comment – you know, I practice in a small town, my patients are my friends, I see them in the grocery store and when I meet them I want to be proud of what I have done and that is what I have learnt here at the center.

You know Kois trained dentists they care about what the patient wants, that is above profit, that is above anything that they think is harder – it is all about making the patients happy a smile is something that people are going to have for years and years and we want them to look in the mirror everyday and remember that this is something they are proud of. I think that every dentist is trying to figure out how to do the right thing, and knowing when to do something and when not to do something is very valuable.

You are going to trust a body part with someone you want someone that is at the highest level that is a Kois trained dentist. What we have also done over the years is really looked at enhancing the dental health care in the world. The ultimate goal of the center is for the dentist to be able to provide better care for third patients in their local community. The patients that go to the dentist, that has been to the Kois center are experiencing much better quality of care, delivery of care and I think the dentist that has been here are providing cutting edge protocols that I think ultimately al the patients will benefit from. You are making the right decision if you are going with a Kois trained dentist. It is a different level of service that if you have never experienced you are missing out.

Dr. Sundar Jagadeesan's Family Photo

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