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Relief from pain, damage caused by teeth grinding: Nightguards in Napier at the dentist’s office

You deserve to enjoy all of the activities and amenities that the stunning east coast has to offer. Chronic migraines, jaw stiffness, and radiating facial pain can all interfere with our ability to take in life to the fullest. You have come to the best place to get to the real source of pain and other disruptive and debilitating symptoms. Teeth-grinding, a condition known as “bruxism,” may be to blame. Fortunately, there is a discreet, no-stress way to ease pain and protect teeth from damage caused by bruxism at Dentiq in Napier: nightguards.

More about bruxism

Some people subconsciously grind and clench their teeth and jaws during sleep. Others may “brux” during the day and not realise that they are doing it. Awake bruxism, as it’s known, may be a function of deep concentration, stress, and anxiety. Sleep bruxism is associated with changing sleep patterns and interruptions (“micro-arousals”) when at rest. However, there are thought to be several factors that influence this type of bruxism, from genetics and smoking to alcohol consumption and, yes, stress.

Dr Sundar may suspect that you have bruxism when evaluating your teeth during a recall visit. He may notice excessive enamel wear and tear. Teeth may be chipped, fractured, or even loose. Restorations, such as crowns, may be damaged prematurely due to the extreme force placed on your teeth, especially when grinding and gnashing during sleep. When at rest, patients are not aware of the pressure placed on their teeth, jaws, jaw joints, and tissues — up to 250 pounds (113 kilos) of force! Due to these excessive forces, damage to natural teeth and dental work may be accompanied by TMJ-like symptoms. These symptoms can range from jaw stiffness and clicking, to neck, shoulder, back, ear, and facial pain.

The ease of nightguards

Oral appliances made from a durable, yet lightweight and unobtrusive acrylic can protect the teeth and cushion the blow to oral structures generated by chronic bruxism. These appliances are made to your unique specifications from impressions or models of your mouth. They slip over your teeth. When worn and cared for as Dr Sundar directs, these “guards” present a hassle-free, convenient, portable, non-invasive, and cost-effective way to address the many threats to your good health from bruxism. They save you considerable money, as natural teeth and restorations are preserved.

Additionally, many patients can restore their quality of life and reduce the severity and frequency of their headaches. Or they can reduce their reliance on pain medications to manage symptoms.

If we suspect that you brux during the day, we can also discuss approaches such as relaxation techniques to halt these damaging behaviours effectively. We look forward to visiting with you. Contact us at 06 880 6161 to schedule your appointment with Dr Sundar.

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