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What is Platelet Rich Fibrin? How PRF supports healing following dentistry procedures

At Dentiq, we proudly strike a perfect balance of sunny, friendly care and sophisticated technologies and treatments. We are not afraid to use therapies that defy the conventional, if those clinically proven therapies add to your comfort, experience, safety, and overall health. “Platelet Rich Fibrin” represents one of those powerful additions to many “traditional” dentistry treatments. Dr. Sundar, along with Dr. Paola is pleased to offer PRF to our patients in and around Hawks Bay, Napier. As an adjunct, PRF noninvasively unlocks your body’s natural healing capacity, while preserving natural tissues.

The “basics”

Let us break down what “Platelet Rich Fibrin” is, and what that means for your smile. Platelets represent those cellular fragments that are in your blood. They primarily are tasked with healing and repairing wounds. Platelet Rich Plasma and PRF are products that use platelets, as a means of aiding in blood clotting following an injury or damage to an area. The regenerative prowess of platelet-based products has been applied to treat everything from orthopedic injuries (musculoskeletal conditions) to alopecia (hair loss).

All these products, regardless of their application, start with a sample of the patient’s blood being drawn. It is then spun in a rapidly rotating machine called a centrifuge. This piece of equipment separates fluids, such as blood, into different components based off the density of the parts that make the whole. This process, in turn, results in the platelets being concentrated in the blood serum (plasma).

Prepared PRF has greater amounts of fibrin (and fewer amounts of plasma) as compared to PRP. As a significant, thread-like protein, fibrin is the portion of a blood clot that cannot be dissolved. Elements of PRF, leukocytes and stem cells, are antibacterial and promote the development of new blood vessels. When precisely applied to the treatment area, PRF supports natural, safe, and fast tissue regeneration.

PRF in dentistry

Dentists like Dr. Sundar and Associates have numerous ways to use PRF; these applications range from building up bony tissue that has resorbed due to the loss of a tooth, to therapies that encourage the regrowth of retreating gummy tissue (gum or periodontal recession). The fibrin clot may even be placed in a socket following the removal of a tooth. PRF functions as a filling material to provide a stable clot for the formation of new blood vessels (neovascularisation). It even provides a safe option for diabetic patients or others with conditions who might otherwise not be candidates for alternative, invasive surgical procedures because of said treatments on wound healing. Due to its clot-stimulating properties, fibrin rich in platelets may even be an appropriate treatment aid for patients who are undergoing anticoagulant therapies.

Either on its own or in tandem with Dentiq’s other biological services, PRF provides several benefits in the dentist’s office, including:
· Low risk adjunct for many types of patients
· Minimises the risk of common side effects, such as swelling.
· Minimises the risk of painful complications following extractions, for instance, dry socket.
· Increases the supply of blood at the treatment site early into the healing process.
· Accelerates healing of bone tissue.
· Promotes a healthier, happier, less eventful recovery following treatment.

Of course, our team will set you up for the best experience possible before, during, and after your appointment by ensuring you are fully aware of all pre- and post-treatment care. We are also happy to suggest products that complement speedy PRF-aided healing. Before you know it, you will be back to smiling confidently and comfortably. Contact us today to schedule your visit to our office in the Greenmeadows neighbourhood.

Dr. Sundar Jagadeesan Dr. Sundar Jagadeesan received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in 2002 from the TN Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai, India. He completed his Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Oral implantology in 2007 from the Manipal University, Manipal India. In 2008 he decided to move permanently to Aotearoa, New Zealand. And since then, he has been in private practice in different parts of the country, from West Coast to Waikato and now in Hawkes Bay.

In 2015 Dr. Sundar embarked on a journey of learning at the world-renowned Kois Center in Seattle, USA. Here he learnt under the tutelage of Dr John C Kois, DMD MSD. The Kois Center is the only continuing education program in the world conducting and publishing independent research. Every course is updated each year based on new scientific evidence. Dr. Sundar continues his learning at the Kois Center each year to bring the best evidence-based dentistry to Hawkes Bay.

Dr. Sundar and his family have been living in Hawkes Bay since 2012 and love the area. The family is complete with their beloved golden retriever, Maple. Dr. Sundar’s family’s love for Hawkes Bay resulted in his parents and siblings moving to sunny Hawkes Bay too.

He is delighted to meet you as you visit Dentiq, your first step towards better oral and overall health.

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