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An introduction to replacing several teeth with removable partial denture designs in Napier

As a holistic dentist, Dr Sundar practices conservative dentistry. He works closely with patients to preserve their natural teeth. As long as those teeth are healthy or can be restored to health, there is no better tooth than the natural one developed with you. A removable partial denture retains the remaining healthy teeth while replacing the teeth that were lost due to decay, disease, or other trauma. They also replace teeth that can’t be “saved” with root canal therapy, and that may require extraction. 

We will evaluate your mouth at the Dentiq office in Napier. During that appointment, we will also discuss your personal preferences. This consultation can help us determine if removable partial dentures are appropriate for you, or if you are a candidate for complete conventional dentures, implant-retained dentures, or other alternatives, such as bridges. A comprehensive evaluation also helps to determine the best design for dentures or bridges. Materials and techniques vary depending on your needs, goals, and lifestyle. Regardless of your situation, Dr Sundar never cuts corners on materials. He also takes a precision approach to plan your treatment that results in an optimal fit. Your experience with dentures depends considerably on how well they fit the contours of your mouth.

Partial vs. complete dentures 

Complete dentures replace an entire upper arch and lower arch of teeth. The “arch” refers to all of the teeth in the upper jaw and all of the lower jaw teeth. Complete dentures are typically made from an acrylic, pink-coloured base designed to support the denture teeth and replicate the appearance of the gum tissue. The denture teeth are made from acrylic or a dental ceramic, such as porcelain. They are colour-matched and designed to replicate the appearance of natural teeth. These dentures are held in place with natural suction, denture products such as adhesives, and implants placed in the jaw. The implants attach to the denture base and snap into place. 

Partial dentures are similar to complete dentures in many ways. They are designed to replace many or several teeth. For instance, partials may be appropriate for patients with multiple missing teeth scattered throughout the mouth. These patients may not be candidates for conventional bridges that get their support from the surrounding, natural teeth. Partial dentures crafted from a mix of metal alloys, dental ceramics, and acrylic. The metal framework supports the replacement teeth and gums, fabricated from acrylic or ceramics. The prosthetic teeth and gum tissues are matched to the colour of the surrounding teeth and gums. So, they blend in superbly with the rest of your smile. The denture itself may be attached to natural teeth with precision attachments or clasps. Implants can also replace several teeth, a few scattered teeth or a single implant can support one tooth. 

We welcome the opportunity to rebuild your confident, healthy smile. Phone 06 880 6161 to schedule an appointment at our Greenmeadows office.

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