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Silver Diamine Fluoride Packs a powerful decay-fighting, tooth-rebuilding punch in Napier

The Ministry of Health isolated water fluoridation as playing a pivotal role in the reduction in tooth decay among New Zealand children over the past 60 years. So, you may already be familiar with fluoride and its tooth-strengthening prowess. However, we at Dentiq in Napier have a targeted, easy-to-apply “twist” on this beneficial, naturally-occurring mineral: Silver Diamine Fluoride. Let’s break down this antibacterial solution, which contains:

  • Silver to kill bacteria
  • Fluoride to rebuild or “remineralize” teeth
  • Water as a liquid base for this mixture
  • Ammonia to retain the concentration of the active ingredients for maximum effectiveness

Don’t be fooled by the tiny bottle. Dr. Sundar applies just one small yet no less effective drop of the liquid with a micro-brush to the specific areas where active decay is present on your teeth. SDF is designed to ease sensitivity and halt further damage. The application of this topical treatment functions to “put the brakes” on the decay process. This preventive and proactive product can be used quickly, comfortably, and safely. The areas to be treated are isolated and dried. After the small amount of SDF is applied to the damaged surfaces of the teeth, the liquid itself is dried before we rinse with water. From there, you are protected and on the road to better health until the next application, or until we are able to restore the tooth for good with treatment such as a filling. The procedure is so minimally invasive and well tolerated, that no anesthetic or numbing medications are necessary. If anything, the application of SDF eases discomfort related to sensitivity caused by existing enamel erosion and more extensive decay.

SDF is tinted. So, we can easily control where the formula is applied. It is a highly targeted alternative to topical fluorides, which are not isolated exclusively to the decayed areas. While the term may not ring a bell, SDF has a long history of effective and safe use. Over the course of its more than 80 years of research and clinical use, SDF was proven to arrest decay at a rate exceeding 90 percent when applied on a semi-annual basis. Furthermore, the amount of fluoride is a fraction (one-tenth) of the amount found within conventional varnish products. The silver content, too, is well below the threshold established for drinking water. In fact, SDF may even be used in conjunction with other varnishes. The SDF must be absorbed into the teeth before the varnish is applied. Patients can rest easier, knowing there is not a risk of overexposure to fluoride or silver, and that they are well on the way to a healthy, comfortable, confident smile.

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